BEE - Gold plated Ear jacket - Filigry
BEE - Gold plated Ear jacket - Filigry

BEE - Gold plated Ear jacket - Filigry

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Feligry ear jacket Made in Africa 
Gold plated 1 micron earrings
 Lenght 3 cm x 2 cm
Genuine Cowrie shell hand painted and vanished 

Carefully made by artisan jewelers in Senegal, these neo-trendy design earrings are light, original and easy to wear. The detachable part is worn behind the ear for an amazing style and the illusion that the earring is floating. Versatile, the detachable part allows you to wear the cowrie chips alone as you wish!

1 micron 18 carats gold plated made in Paris by our french jewelers for a premium quality of this jewel. Our french craftmen used bronze brass, covered with gold.

* Filigree is an ancestral art jewellery in Senegal, endangered. Ngone wishes to contribute to the preservation of this wonderful African know-how through a contemporary and original design. "Thank you for buying this jewel, you are participating to the creation of jobs and fair work in my native country: Senegal"