NGONE PARIS Creator of high fashion jewellery


A nod to the ancestral African aesthetics, NGONE Paris is a high-end brand of costume jewellery.
Feminine and timeless, each creation claims a Made Of Africa haute-couture style.
Ngone's creations reflect a dialogue of cultures. Through the subtle alliance of materials, the jewels become hybrid accessories that look like clothes, the designer's signature.
Born in her Parisian workshop, each collection tells a story from conception to handcrafted manufacture. For high-end manufacturing, the brand collaborates with craftsmen in Paris and Senegal, combining both French know-how and made in Africa on the basis of an ethical collaboration.
Ngoné has exhibited her collections in Paris, Dakar, London, Dublin. She has also participated in the biennale of contemporary African art DAK'ART in Senegal, the international jewellery fair Bijorhca Paris, fashion shows and various exhibitions in art galleries.

Ngoné, creator of high fashion jewellery Afro-chic


A jewellery designer of Senegalese origin, Ngone has been living and working in Paris for more than 15 years.

Introduced to the profession of jewellery by Parisian craftsmen and then graduated from the Nicolas Flamel jewellery school in Paris, she exercises her creativity in different universes: the elaboration of her collections de bijoux haute-fantaisie, the design in joaillerie, but also during different professional collaborations with Haute Couture and cinema. Through her passion for jewellery, she reveals her vision of African fashion, a story full of emotions and universality.

NGONE Paris is the eponymous brand of designer Ngoné Sagna.

In the Great Lakes region, the root Ngo also refers to the feline animal such as the lion, panther, leopard, symbol of royalty in African cultures.

In the footsteps of Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Amanishaketo, Queen Nsinga and the priestess Aline Sitoe Diatta, the creations of NGONE Paris speak of the reign of beauty and femininity.

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