NGONE is a high-end costume jewelry brand, which is part of the luxury tradition, Afro chic inspired.
Feminine and timeless, each jewel reflects a dialogue of cultures in a Made Of Africa haute couture style.
Through her creations, the designer Ngoné interprets African symbolism and claims her ancestral heritage in a modern and universal aesthetic.

NGONE offers two lines of jewelry: an artistic collection of haute couture and scenic fancy jewelry ; and a limited edition of casually elegant jewelry.
To sublimate women, each in their own identity, the brand offers the world unique and personalized precious jewelry: 
A bespoke  fine jewelry made on demand.

Born in her studio in Paris, each collection tells a story from design to craftsmanship.
 The brand works with craftsmen in Paris and Senegal, combining both French know-how and Made in Africa on the basis of ethical collaboration. A quality requirement but also the desire to contribute to job creation and preserve traditional and exceptional know-how of Africa.


Ngone Sagna African, jewellery designer from Senegal

Senegalese jewelry designer and artistic director of her brand, Ngone Sagna has lived and worked in Paris for over 30 years.

From her Africanity, she has kept the culture of elegance, the symbolism of shapes and colors. In her Parisian life, she is inspired by Haute Couture and draws on a know-how.

Initiated in the jewelry with Parisian craftsmen and then graduated from the Nicolas Flamel jewelry school in Paris, she exercises her creativity in different worlds: the development of her collections of high fancy jewelry, Fine jewelry design, but also during various professional collaborations with Haute Couture and cinema.

Through her passion for jewellery, she reveals her vision of African fashion, a history full of know-how and creativity rooted in her Africanity, reinvented with modern codes.



NGONE is the eponymous brand of designer Ngoné Sagna.

Originally from East Africa, the first name Ngoné traveled to Senegal during the great Bantu migrations. In the Bantu languages, Ngoné is associated with the Moon, a symbol of beauty and of the sacred feminine; a matriarchal concept embodied by the goddesses Isis, Nephyts, Hathor, Maat of ancient African Egypt.

In the region of the great lakes, the root Ngo also refers to the feline animal such as the lion, the panther, the leopard; symbols of royalty in African cultures.

In the footsteps of Queens Hatshepsout, Amanishaketo, Nsinga, to the priestess Aline Sitoe Diatta, NGONE's creations pay homage to African royalty and dignitaries from the continent. Her jewels speak to all women who wish to assert their personality in a beauty that looks like them.