Ngone is participating to the AWIMA jewellery design competition, supporting women in mining in Africa

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Dear family, friends and partners,

I’m selected as part of the 10 top designers for the jewelry design final competition organized by AWIMA (association of women in mining in Africa). A project supported by the World Bank and the NGO Levin Sources.

Candidates had to design a brooch in gold and colored gemstones, with a removable pendant. A unique piece that celebrates inspiring women, evokes their pride and features symbols of strength and resilience. The brooch should be designed for a buyer willing to express their commitment and support to women in mining.

It is a great privilege for me to participate in such event combining the efforts of women in the mining with African women designers and jewelers. It is also a great pleasure to celebrate the courage of African women in the mining industry through my creation.

The winner will work in partnership with AWIMA to supervise the production of the jewel. She will use metals and gems from African mining sites owned by women.

The name of the winner will be announced on February 16 after the vote of an international jury of jewelry and mining experts.

In addition to the jury vote, a public vote is offered on the platform

If you like my design, please vote for my « Lady Aya » by clicking on the link (BEFORE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14th 23:59 HRS GMT). . Thank you to share the link to increase my chances.

Ngoné Sagna Magin
Jewellery designer : High fancy and fine jewellery made to measure

Lady AYA Brooch

To all the women in mining in Africa, to our mining ladies...


Inspired by Moorish brooches, Lady Aya is a personified representation of African mining motherland. As a nod to the ground of the continent, rich in mine resources, its turbaned headdress is artfully knotted and set with a yellow saphir as a luminous frontal.

AYA is the lady and fairy of the mines. She never goes out without her jewelry. In particular the white gold Adinkra earrings, ancestral sign of her endurance and resourcefulness. She has all the qualities to succeed in her mission.

Armed with courage, the mine fairy contemplates with respect and pride the fruit of the community labor.


Abondance and unity : The voluminous headdress full of gold and various gemstones, represents the wealth of Africa in mining resources .

Dignity : Queen of the mines, the feminin character of the brooch carries her pickaxe like an egyptian scepter.

Resilience : Adinkra symbol AYA "fern" is symbol of endurance and resourcefulness, the fern is a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. "An individual who wears this symbol suggests that he has endured many adversities and outlasted much difficulty." (Willis, the Adinkra dictionary).

Courageous and strengh : Adinkra symbol of courage set with a Tanzanite gem

As a gem ready for manufacture, there is a representation of the diamond cut on the lady’s hand. The gemstones of the design are choosen for their symbolism either, origin and their diversity. They also bring a colored harmony on the design in the way of colofull african way of life. Contrasting with the yellow and with gold both included in the design.

Character of the fairy :

Turquoise : Optimism

Black Opale : Dream catcher

Saphir : Dynamism

Cornaline : Energy & vitality

Ruby : courage, perseverance

Lapis Lazuli & Malachite : Self confidence

Tanzanite : créativity et curiosity

Emeraude : Relational harmony, sens of unity

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